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Guest: Dr. April Benson, Compulsive Shopping Disorder

Guest: Kim Bouck, Rue & Ziffra Law Firm, Medical Malpractice Attorney

Guest: Paul Rice, Rice & Rose Law Firm, Changes to Alimony Laws

Guest: Heather Landy, Editor in Chief of American Banker Magazine, Pros and Cons of Breaking Up Big Banks

Guest: Jim Rose, Rice & Rose Law Firm, What To Do If You Are Sued

Guest: Daisy Maxey, Confusion about Adviser Fees and Regulation

Guest: Gary Bronga, Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Small Business

Guest: Adri Miller Heckman, Tips for Financial Advisers Working with Women Clients

Guest: Dr. K. C. Ma, Roland George Program at Stetson University

Guest: Jennifer FitzPatrick, Jenerations Health Education

Guest: Marisel Aleman, Cruise Elite

Guest: Brenda Campbell, Importance of Planning Ahead for Final Arrangements

Guest: Murray Holland, Author of A Nation in the Red

Guest: Scott Selis, Elder Law Attorney, Trusts and Protecting Assets

Guest: L. Todd Wood, Author of Currency and Sugar

Guest: Noel Colucco, Riviera Independent and Assisted Living

Guest: Maxwell Murphy, Wall Street Journal CFO Journal Senior Editor, Stock Splits

David Holland Commentary

Guest: Zachary Cohen, Disability Insurance

Guest: Florida Representative David Hood, Eliminating the Property Tax

Guest: Robert Laura, Living a Happy, Healthy and Committed Retirement

Guest: Dr. Trevon Clow, Don't Trust Your Gut: Cognitive Bias and Investing

Guest: Dana Wilde, Training Your Brain

Guest: Powell Brown, Brown & Brown Update

Guest: Kirby Wood, Chief Marketing Officer for American Equity

Guest: Robert Scharar, Commonwealth Funds, Investing in Africa and other frontier markets

Guest: Stephen Lampkin, Learning RX, Brain Training

David's Topic: More on Annuities

David's Topic: Deferred Annuities

Guest: Jan Cullinane, Author of The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement

Guest: Gary Belsky, Author of Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Guest: Tom Cloud: Investing in precious metals

David Holland answers questions about stock portfolios, mutual funds, 401k taxation, and client-adviser relationships.

Guest: Victor Ricciardi, Author of Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing

Guest: Dr. Kate Levinson, Author of Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money

Guest: Ed Connor, Vice President of Volusia Tax Reform

Guest: John Bevacqua: Retirement Income Planning and Analysis

David Holland Answers Reader and Listener Questions. Topics: Conservative Investments, Estate Taxes, HELOCs

Guest: Nate Purpura, Medicare Annual Enrollment and Obamacare

Guest: Laura Stanley, Nurse Practitioner: Cosmetic Procedures - Options and Costs

David's Topic: Eight Prudent Steps to Take Before You Invest

David Answers Questions from Listeners and Readers of his Column

David's Topic: Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs

David's Topic: $14,000 Not Really a Gift Limit

Guest: Dr. Richard Peterson, Author of Inside the Investor's Brain; David's Topic: Financial Fraud

Guest: Dr. Robi Ludwig, Young Americans Living at Home Longer; David's Topic: Rising Interest Rates and Bonds

Guest: Dr. Timothy Fong, Gambling Addiction; David's Topic: Stock Indices and Indexed Funds

Guest: Kathleen Paris, Author of Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life; David's Topic: Sailing and Investing

Guest: Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Author of How to Give Financial Advice to Couples; David's Topic: Bond Strategies

Guest: Scott Halliwell, The Importance of Life Insurance; David's Topic: "What do I do if I need to invest safely?"

Guest: Meredith Elliott Powell, Author of Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth

Guest: Dennis Miller, Taking Charge of Your Own Retirement

Guest: Dr. Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income, The American College

Guest: Cindy Hounsell, WISER - Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement

Guest: Ellen Rogin, Author of Great with Money: 6 Steps to Lifetime Success and Prosperity

Guest: Dr. Michael McCall, Consumer Psychology

Guest: Jack Zufelt, Principles of Success

Guest: Wally Hauck, Fostering Engaged Employees

Guest: Amy Atcha, Guardianship Reality Check

Guest: Dr. James Galvin, Postponing Retirement to Prevent Mental Decline

Guest: Molly Mettler, Healthwise

Guest: Dorian Mintzer, Author of The Couples Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Transitioning to the Second Half of Life

Guest: Dr. Brigitte Madrian, Household Saving and Investment Behavior

Guest: Steve Vernon, Author of Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck

Guest: Jacqui Dunne, Business Applications of Complementary Currencies

Guest: Chris Kerr, Former FBI Agent and Author

Guest: Maddy Dychtwald, Age Wave Co-Founder

Guest: Robert Powell, Wall Street Journal Columnist and Editor of Retirement Weekly; Selecting a Financial Adviser

Guest: Jacqui Dunne, Award-winning Irish Journalist, Currency Expert, and Huffington Post Blogger; Bitcoin

Guest: Dr. Kate Levinson, Author of Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money

Guest: Todd Buchholz, Former White House Director of Economic Policy

Guest: Rachel Wagner, Business Communication Etiquette

Guest: Charles Wheelan, Author of Naked Statistics

Guest: Nate Purpura, Getting Ready for Obamacare

Guest: Mark LeBlanc, Author of Growing Your Business

David Holland: Deciding How to Invest

Guest: Lori Sackler, Author of The M Word

Guest: David Laibson, Behavioral Economics and 401(k) Plans

David Holland: Quantitative Easing

Guest: Michael Vilardi, Enrolled Agent Helping People Deal with the IRS

Guest: Monica Wofford, From Buddy to Boss

Guest: Andrew Busch, Stocks Go Up as Central Banks Buy

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Ed Brodow, Negotiation Boot Camp

Guest: Todd Wood, Impact of Economic Weakness on our National Security; Author of Currency

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal "Market Watch" Columnist and Author

Guest: Robert Laura, Author of Naked Retirement

Guest: David Sanders, Business Marketing Boosters

Guest: Kathleen Paris, Staying Healthy in Sick Organizations

Guest: Karen Blumenthal, Wall Street Journal Columnist and Author

Guest: Bill Taylor, Author of Practically Radical

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Gail Cunningham, Why You Shouldn't Be Getting a Large Income Tax Refund

Guest: Chris Miles, The Myth that Passion Guarantees Business Success

Guest: Dr. Linda Elder, Using Critical Thinking to Improve Your Life

David Holland: Spinning Gold and Other Financial Products

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Chris Trimble: Successful Business Innovation; Author of How Stella Saved the Farm

David Holland Answers Retirement Planning Questions

Guest: Marty Davidoff, Dealing with IRS Debt

David Holland: Variable Annuities

Guest: Nick Tasler, Author of The Impulse Factor: An Innovative Approach to Better Decision Making

David Holland: Taxes and Your Retirement

Guests: Attorneys Greg Snell and Lori Sandman, Steps to Take to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Guests: Jan Pittard and Nicole Pittard Lebron, Front Porch Pickings

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guests: Attorneys Greg Snell and Lori Sandman, Patents and Intellectual Property Law

Guest: Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver

Guest: Dennis Miller, Impact of Inflation on Retirees

Guest: Marty Davidoff, Dealing with IRS Tax Liens

Guest: Doug Noll, Hiring an Attorney

Guest: Brett Braaten, Author of Homeland Insecurity

Guest: Kimberly Deas, Buying or Selling a Business

Guest: Nate Purpura, Caring for Aging Parents

Guest: Tom Cloud, Investing in Precious Metals

Guest: Dr. Laura Yard, Prescription Drug Addiction

Guest: David Klein, Candyman, Creator of the Jelly Belly

Guest: Dr. Karen Sherman, Relationships and Money

Guest: Mark Chastain, Reunion Bank

Guest: Chris Miles, Money Myths

Guest: Kerri Salls, Preparing Your Business to Sell

Guest: Martha Zoller, Congress Getting a Pay Raise by Executive Order

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Gary Bronga, Bringing Your Product or Invention to Market

Guest: Albert Livingston, Commercial Real Estate Market

David Holland: Making Decisions about Retirement Assets

Guest: Stephanie Payne, Making End of Life Decisions

Guest: Carol Topp, Teens and Taxes

Guest: Jeff Rasley, Successful Retirement

Guest: Ted Burbank, Secrets to Selling Your Business

Guest: Chris Miles, Three Circles of Wealth

Guest: Todd Ruehs, Turning Business Ideas into Reality

Guest: Murray Holland, Author of Debt Trap

Guest: Nate Purpura, Medicare

Guest: Gail Cunningham, Facing Financial Problems

Guest: Andrew Mangione, The Affordable Care Act

Guest: Tom Corley, Secret Success Habits of the Super Rich

Guest: Tina Forsythe, Online Business Consultant

Guest: Steve Deace, Right To Work

Guest: Paul Da Costa, Real Estate Consultant

David Holland Wraps Up 2012


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