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Guest: Mike Pepin, Pepin Realty, Listing a Home at the Holidays and More About Selling Your Home

Guest: Bill Auxier, Ph.D., Author of To Lead, Follow

Guest: Renny Roker, Entertainment Pioneer and Author of Positivity: Your Key to Success

Guest: Adam Taggart, Author of Prosper! and Co-founder of Peak Prosperity

Guest: Joel Fotinos, Failing to Make a Decision is Making a Decision to Fail. “Spiritual Businessman” and Author of My Life Contract

Guest: Karen Wallace, Senior Editor for Morningstar, Capital Gains Taxes from Mutual Funds

Guest: Holley Kelley, Author of Sunrises and Sunsets on Planning Your "Kick the Bucket" List

Guest: John Wasik, Author of The Debt-Free Degree

Guest: Alex Bratty, Life Coach and Author of From Chaos to Clarity

Guest: Kimberly Foss, Founder of Empyrian Wealth Management, "Three Components of Investing"

Guest: Danielle Kunkle, Co-Founder of Boomer Benefits, Medicare Issues

Guest: Wade Pfau, Ph.D, CFA, Professor of Retirement Income at The American College, Recent Changes to Social Security Filing Strategies

Guest: Suleman Din, Can “Robo-advisers” Measure up to “Human” Fiduciary and Suitability Standards?

Guest: Eric Engquist, Asst. VP, Military Transitions, USAA. Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities for Veterans.

David Holland: Addressing Concerns about China/Other Nations Holding Our Debt, U.S. Government Seizing Your 401(k), and Social Security Becoming Insolvent.

Guest: Leslie Tayne, Attorney and Debt Therapist. Strategies to save money on holiday shopping.

Guest: Tara Kennedy-Kline, Certified Family Parenting Expert, and author of Stop Raising Einstein.

Guest: Margarida Correia, Associate Editor of Bank Investment Consultant Magazine. Privacy Issues with Helping Cognitively Impaired Clients

Guest: Madeline Bailey, QuickBooks Expert. Author of Radically Simple Accounting

Guest: Steve DeAngelo, Leader in Cannabis Reform Movement. Author of The Cannibis Manifesto: A new Paradigm for Wellness

Guest: Dr. Paul Chafetz, Clinical Psychologist, Planning Ahead for Transitioning into Retirement

Guest: Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®, Can You Really Become Rich By Giving More?

Guest: Steve Tacinelli, Holland Financial Controller and Vice President, Tax Services, Year-End Tax Planning

Guest: Laura Scharr-Bykowsky, CFP®, Her Article "Retirement 'Rules of Thumb' May Point in Wrong Direction"

Guest: Robert Laura, President of Synergos Financial Group, How Retirement is Changing

Guest: Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., Author of 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan

Guest: Dr. Kathy Gruver, Author of Journey of Healing, on Stress, Mindfulness, and Your Fiscal Health

David Holland: Looking for Financial Advice in All the Wrong Places! More “Top 10 Mistakes People Make with their Money”

Guest: Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert”

Guest: Alicia Cramer, Mindset Expert and Author of The "Outside the Box" Entrepreneur

Guest: Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes, Just Back from "RUSSIA CALLING" Investment Forum in Russia

Guest: Robert Klein, Retirement Healthcare Advisor

Guest: Barbara Ruggero, Personal Lines Manager, Capital Partners Insurance

Guest: Pegi Burdick, "The Financial Whisperer", Raising Financially Responsible Children

Guest: Neale Godfrey, Author and CEO of Green$treet Commons, Mobile Apps that Teach Kids about Money

David Holland: More Retirement Planning Mistakes - Bad Advice, High Fees, and Reverse Dollar-Cost Averaging

Guest: Ryan Ochipa, State Farm, on Flood Insurance, Citizens Property Insurance Changes, Sinkholes, and More

Guest: Betty Doll, Long Term Care Specialist

Guest: Peggy Sealfon, Author of Escape from Anxiety

Guest: John Adams, President of Adams Cameron & Company, Update on the Real Estate Market

David Holland: Emotional Investing; Inadequate Investment Diversification; and Inadequate Adviser Due Diligence

Guest: Anne Liebgott, CEO of "Where Americans Are Welcome", on Swiss Bank Accounts

Guest: Mike Kelly, VP of USAA's Military Affairs Advocacy Group, on Connecting Veterans with Civilian Jobs

Guest: Neal Macneale III, Owner of 2 for 1 Index®, on Stock Splits and Portfolio Strategy

David Holland: When to Start Drawing Social Security and Optimizing Benefits

Guest: Gregory Zuckerman, Author, The Frackers on Why Gas Prices Are So Low

Guest: Josh Peters, CFA, Editor, Morningstar Dividend Investor on Dividend-Paying Stocks

Guest: Robert Gignac, Author of Rich is a State of Mind on the "Ps & Qs" of Planning for Your Financial Future

Guest: George Sisti, CFP®, Founder of On Course Financial Planning

David Holland: The Healthy Financial Adviser Relationship

Guest: Dr. Erica Kosal, Resilience Expert, Bounce to Resilience and Traveling Troubled Times

Guest: Sumit Desai, CFA and Senior Analyst at Morningstar®

Guest: Christine Mathieu, "New and Empowered You" Program to Find True Wealth through Forgiveness

Guest: Donna Harris, Choosing Mediation Over Trial in Divorce and Family Law Cases

David Holland: Questions on Tax Shelters within IRAs, Annuities vs. CDs, and More.

Guest: Terry Savage, Winner of Two Emmys and Author of The Savage Truth on Money

Guest: J.J. Montanaro, CFP®, USAA, National Life Insurance Awareness Month

Guest: Joseph McCormack, Author of Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less on Engaging Listeners Without Causing "Information Overload."

David Holland: Does the "Perfect" Investment Exist?

Guest: Ann Marsh, West Coast Bureau Chief of Financial Planning Magazine on Financial Stress and Military Suicide

Guest: Joel Fotinos, Author of My Life Contract on Goal-setting Strategies

Guest: Liz Skinner, InvestmentNews Reporter on Legal Issues for Children Going Away to College

Guest: Lili Vasileff, Author of The Ultimate Divorce Organizer. Pros and Cons of Re-marrying vs. Staying Single

David Holland: Pullbacks, Corrections, and Bear Markets

Guest: Bruce McClary, National Foundation of Credit Counseling Financial Preparedness for Hurricanes, Student Loan and Credit Card Debt Issues

Guest: Daniel Weber, Association of Mature American Citizens Proposed Early Retirement Account (ERA) to Supplement Social Security

Guest: Chris Markowski, The Watchdog on Wall Street Media Hype and the Markets, China, and More.

Guest: Art Markman, Ph.D., Author of Smart Change on How Short-term Thinking can be Detrimental when Investing in the Stock Market.

Guest: Joan Kingsley, CPA, Author of The Fear-Free Organization: Vital Insights from Neuroscience to Transform Your Business Culture

Guest: Ky Trang Ho, Contributor to Forbes Magazine, Gold is an Age-Old Currency. Why is its Value Falling and What are its Prospects?

Guest: Thomas Corley, CPA, CFP®, Myths About the Wealthy

David Holland: Retirement and Roulette. How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take?

Guest: Dr. Trevon Clow, Money Doesn’t Make Us Happy… But Debt Makes Us Miserable!

Guest: Jeff Cutter, CPA, Cutter Financial Group, Running a Household is Like Running a Business

Guest: Mary Beth Franklin, Investment News, Medicare “Hold Harmless Provision” Effects on Benefits for 2016

Guest: Art Markman, Author of Smart Change, Psychology of Decision-making

Guest: Kimberley Foss, Pre-nups

David Holland: Using Business Debt Wisely, Divorce Tips

Guest: Katie Kuehner-Hebert, Aging Issues - Conversations ith Adult Children; Legal Documents to Have in Place; and Funding Long-term Care.

Guest: Ruth King, Author of The Courage to be Profitable.

Guest: Leo Haviland, From Chinese Equity Instability to the Financial Crisis in Greece and the Nuclear Treaty with Iran.

Guest: Robert Laura, The "Dark Side" of Retirement

David Holland: Trusts - David Answers Your Questions

Guest: Trevor Hunnicutt, Investment News, Ups and Downs of China's Stock Market, Financial Situation in Puerto Rico, and More

Guest: Brian Robertson, Co-founder of HolacracyOne Discusses the "Holocracy" Management System

Guest: Doug Goldstein, CFP®, Dually Licensed Adviser in U.S. and Israel, Good Financial Habits vs. Goals

David Holland: 401(k) Questions

Guest: Nate Purpura, EHealth, Latest on the Affordable Care Act

Guest: Jeff Motske, CFP®, CEO of of Trilogy Financial and author of The Couples’ Guide to Financial Compatibility

David Holland: Clues You Might Need a Second Opinion on Your Finances.

Guest: Sean Hyman, Editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report,US Dollar, Oil and Precious Metals, Foreign Markets.

Guest: Ingrid Martine, Author of The Un-Game, "Catalyst" Approach to Creating a Safe Yet Challenging Work Environment

Guest: Dennis Miller, Author of Retirement Reboot, Robo-Advisers

Guest: Bart Astor, Author of AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life: Smart Choices about Money, Health, Work, Lifestyle, and Pursuing Your Dreams

Guest: Andrew Zatlin, Moneyball Economics and the "Underground Economy"

Guest: Lynette Cox, CEO of

Guest: Jim Donovan, Author of Happy@Work

Guest: Kathy Fettke, CEO and co-founder of Real Wealth Network. "Ever considered buying rental property?"

David Holland: "Don't Answer the Door...It Might Be an Adviser!"

Guest: Art Markman, Author of Smart Change, Less stress and more joy in your life.

Guest: Robert Pfister, Arcadia Home Care Staffing

Guest: Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance for Morningstar. Index funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and active vs. passive investing.

Guest: Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income at the American College. "Have you set up multiple sources of income for flexibility in retirement?"

Guest: Daisy Maxey, Wall Street Journal Columnist. Active Shares and Mutual Fund Management

Guest: Robert Laura, President of SYNERGOS, Retirement isn't only about your finances!

David Holland: Understanding Annuites.

Guest: Ruth King, Profitability Master, entrepreneur, and author. Keeping your business on track and financially sound.

Guest: Nancy Tedeschi, Creator of The SnapIt Screw™

Guest: Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist for Investment News, What could to happen to interest rates, unemployment and oil prices by year-end?

Guest: Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor for Inc. Magazine, "You Don't Have to Be Rich to Retire Happy (In Fact, Far From It)"

Guest: Gregg Levoy, Author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion and Callings

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal Market Watch Columnist, Will it be another Clinton/Bush showdown in the next election?

Guest: Richard Barrett, Author of The Values-Driven Organization

David Holland Answers Questions from Readers of His Newspaper Column

Guest: Kelly Campbell, Author of Fire Your Broker

Guest: Doug Goldstein, CFP®, Radio Show Host in Israel and columnist forThe Jerusalem Post

Guest: Patricia Aburdene, Author of Conscious Money and Megatrends 2010

David Holland, Is Your Financial Adviser "Agnostic"?

Guest: Mark Cook, Author of Prepare Now and Survive the Coming Bear Market: This Time Is Not Different

Guest: Trevor Hunnicutt, Investment News, Investor Trends and Possible New Regulations for Financial Advisers

Guest: Andrew Zatlin, The Moneyball Economist

Guest: Anne Tergesen, Journalist for the "Encore" section of the WSJ. Article "Grim News on Health Costs in Retirement"

Guest: Maddy Dychtwald, Home in Retirement: More Freedom New Choices, Age Wave study in partnership with Merrill Lynch

Guest: Maxwell Murphy, WSJ Senior Editor of CFO Journal, His Article "Investors Demand More Info on Board Skills"

Guest: Erin Botsford, Author of The Big Retirement Risk

Guest: Dr. Kathy Gruver, Author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques

David Holland, "Stay on the Trail"

Guest: Miriam Goodman, Journalist and Author of Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement as a Couple

Guest: Gerald Sparrow, President of Sparrow Growth Fund and Sparrow Capital Management

Guest: Bruce McClary, National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Student Loan Debt, Taxes and Credit Card Debt

Guest: Steve Berry, Internationally Bestselling Author of the Cotton Malone Adventures on the Release of His New Book The Patriot Threat

Guest: Megan McArdle, Author of The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is the Key to Success

Guest: Gary Bronga, Author of Bringing a Product to Market from Home

Guest: Laura Berman Fortgang, Author of Now What? 90 Days to A New Life Direction

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal Market Watch Columnist, "Why You Shouldn't Trust Wall Street Ratings"

Guest: Jonathan Clements, Wall Street Journal Columnist, Author of Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015

Guest: Ric Lager, Author of Forget the Pie: Recipe for a Healthier 401(k), on pending legislation regarding fiduciary role.

Guest: Leo Haviland, "Negative Creep: The Global Economy"

Guest: Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP™, Abundance Activist, Author of Picture Your Prosperity

Guest: Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist of Investment News on Financial Markets Beyond the Dow and S& P 500

Guest: Sean Hyman, Editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report on More Bitcoin Problems, Strong U.S. Dollar, Oil-related Stocks

David Holland: Investing - A Good Time to Review your Portfolio

Guest: Leslie Tayne, Attorney and Debt Therapist, Author of Life & Debt: a fresh approach to achieving financial wellness

Guest: Margaret Lynch, Called "The Wealth Manifestation Authority" by the WSJ, Author of Tapping Into Wealth

Guest: Robert Laura, "Being Overweight Can Be Good For Retirement Income"

Guest: Philip Van Doorn, Investment Analyst for WSJ MarketWatch on American Express and CostCo, Twitter, Energy Sector, Effects of Rising Dollar

Guest: Ron Lieber, New York Times Money Columnist, Author of The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money

David Holland: Roth IRAs Can Be Powerful Financial Tools

Guest: Lynette Cox, Author of College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free

Guest: Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance for Morningstar. "5-Point Retirement Portfolio Checkup"

David Holland: Clues You Might Need a Second Opinion

Guest: Abby Kohut, President of Staffing Symphony and Author of Absolutely Abby's 101 Job Search Secrets

Guest: Mary Hunt, Author of The Financially Confident Woman

Guest: Susan Packard, Co-Founder of Scripps Networks Interactive and Former COO of HGTV. Author of New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace

Guest: Joel Fotinos, Author of My Life Contract: 90-Day Program for Prioritizing Goals, Staying on Track, Keeping Focused, and Getting Results

Guest: Beate Chelette, Author of The Women's Code Presents Happy Woman Happy World

Guest: Art Markman, Ph.D., Author of Smart Change: Five Tools to Create New and Sustainable Habits in Yourself and Others

Guest: Maribeth Healey, Project Director with Working America, Working America Health Care Program

Guest: Tim David, Author of Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words That Motivate, Engage, and Influence

Guest: Raymond Donadio, Attorney, Donadio Law Offices: Wills, Trust, and Probate Administration

Guest: Sandy Botkin, New ABLE accounts for children with disabilities. Financial reasons to adopt solar panels.

Guest: Philip van Doorn, Investment Analyst for WSJ MarketWatch, on Oil Stocks and Other Financial Market News

Guest: Wade Pfau, Wall Street Journal article "The Case for Reverse Mortgages"

Guest: Robert Laura, Author of Naked Retirement and Forbes Article "Women Often Betrayed By Spouse's Retirement Decisions"

Guest: Matthew Hoesly, Important Financial Items to Evaluate When Expanding a Family

Guest: Michael Farkas, CEO and Co-Founder of CarCharging Group

Guest: David Gurwitz, Managing Director, Charles Nenner Research

Guest: Morgan Housel, Columnist at Wall Street Journal and The Motley Fool, "How Investors Sabotage Their Own Performance"

Guest: Ric Lager, Getting Investment Advice for Your 401(k)

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal "MarketWatch" Columnist: Bitcoin, Peer-to-Peer Lending and the Sharing Economy

Guest: Anne Tergesen, "Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong", Wall Street Journal Columnist, "The Wall Street Journal Sunday", and Contributor to "Encore", a Blog about Retirement

Guest: Kathy Kristof, Author of Investing 101


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